What Makes Us Different?

What makes Precision Alarm Systems different? The difference is experience, ability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Remember, which system you own is important, but who installs and services it is more important.

First Alert is the industry leader in professional security systems. Using the “platform” system approach, the control is expandable and can be upgraded to meet your needs now and in the future. Combining both simple operation and Enhanced Security capability, First Alert is the right choice for you.

A note about choosing a security company. As in most important decisions, the goal is quality and value. Value does not necessarily mean the lowest price, either. If the lowest price is because of labor short cuts, inexperienced personnel, inferior materials or an understaffed company – quality of installation and service will suffer. Yet even with our high standards, often the investment amount for one of our systems is close to, or less than, the quotations of other, less qualified companies.